Offline marketing tricks for startups growth

Offline marketing tricks for startups growth

There is a lot that one can do when there is a business that is flourishing and has been here in the business world for years on. But what do you do if yours is a startup company that is newly but fast growing business. You wish to meet the market place to match the needs of the business. For this you will need a product that is out of the box, a service par excellence and a platform to give you the best visibility. So how do you do that? Simple, with some marketing tricks. The more people know you, better it is for you and your business.

·         Tap the print media before social media
You can go minimal on this as the print media, the local radio stations, television network are on the verge of some news. Why not make your startup a sensational. Giving out various details about how the idea jumped into, what were the ideas behind it. It is an old school marketing tricks but works brilliantly well in tapping the right audience. As people still believe that if you are on the print, you definitely have something special in you. Then go ahead and post your article published on the newspaper later on your social media network. Your visibility becomes wider and audience would like to know more about you hence.

·         Radio stations
The present day everyone is on the radio. While driving, while working, the radio stations are on. It is a good deal to offer freebies on a contest. Let your audience answer a question to win your product. Firstly, you are saving money on the advertisement part of it. At the same time your products are getting advertised through the radio channel. Thus, tap the local radio stations it is going to benefit you for a long time.

·         Know what your audience say
 It is a simple task where you reach onto your audience and ask them if they would like to recommend your product on a scale of 1 to 10. If the average you receive is more than 8, you are good to go ahead with your business plans and promotions.

·         Content marketing strategy
It is the game of visibility and brand name when it comes on the trust part. Therefore the best way is to make your brand seen in the market. What better way of making your brand seen than through your audience who are hooked on to digital world.
It is an irony but it is true how this day even from ‘how to cut a pineapple’ to ‘making a telescope ‘can be seen, read and talked about in magazines, books, newspapers. The audience is always on the go to get something new. It is here where you can reach onto them by giving them what they need. Your marketing team will let you know where to tap, with what content to tap. So what happens really is you are seen amongst the audience.

·         Participation in trade shows, seminars, talk shows
As much as you can, you must participate yourself into the trade shows as this will help you gather information about the market. This is a platform where it is the responsibility of the exhibitor organizers to pull in crowd. You get a readymade crowd to showcase your product and have lead generation. Things like giving away free product samples, consultations, a 30 second live show; a small contest etc. will help target market to flock to your booth.

·         Take reviews positively
It is essential that you keep your positivity intact. There are chances were not everyone will appreciate your products. However it shouldn’t create a negative impact on your marketing strategy. Instead, take it as a tactic. Ask your audience to use the product for a week/fortnight/month for free and if they like it they can purchase it and so on. This too can be one of the offline marketing tricks to influence the market.

·         Let your logo do the saying
It is essential that you make your brand seen. Once a customer is a fan of yours, they will always remain one. Thus, things like personalized mug with your logo on every order of coffee Wow! WHAT AN IDEA. Imagine your client gets name embossed on the coffee cup he is taking a sip to or a caricature. This may need an extra penny to shade in, but if this is going to help, it should be done instinct.

Final thoughts
At the end of the day it is all about building marketing of your product. Every Indian entrepreneur wishes to have a high rate of conversion rate. Many a time it is the audience who will give marketing tricks working magnificently well. Try that out!

Author Bio:
Mehul Panchal, an entrepreneur, business adviser, mentor, speaker, writer, gymer. Also founder and Chief Managing Director of Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. For more about me visit my website, Mehul Panchal


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