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Offline marketing tricks for startups growth

There is a lot that one can do when there is a business that is flourishing and has been here in the business world for years on. But what do you do if yours is a startup company that is newly but fast growing business. You wish to meet the market place to match the needs of the business. For this you will need a product that is out of the box, a service par excellence and a platform to give you the best visibility. So how do you do that? Simple, with some marketing tricks. The more people know you, better it is for you and your business.

·         Tap the print media before social media
You can go minimal on this as the print media, the local radio stations, television network are on the verge of some news. Why not make your startup a sensational. Giving out various details about how the idea jumped into, what were the ideas behind it. It is an old school marketing tricks but works brilliantly well in tapping the right audience. As people still believe that if you are on the print, you definitely have something special in you. Then go ahead and post your article published on the newspaper later on your social media network. Your visibility becomes wider and audience would like to know more about you hence.

·         Radio stations
The present day everyone is on the radio. While driving, while working, the radio stations are on. It is a good deal to offer freebies on a contest. Let your audience answer a question to win your product. Firstly, you are saving money on the advertisement part of it. At the same time your products are getting advertised through the radio channel. Thus, tap the local radio stations it is going to benefit you for a long time.

·         Know what your audience say
 It is a simple task where you reach onto your audience and ask them if they would like to recommend your product on a scale of 1 to 10. If the average you receive is more than 8, you are good to go ahead with your business plans and promotions.

·         Content marketing strategy
It is the game of visibility and brand name when it comes on the trust part. Therefore the best way is to make your brand seen in the market. What better way of making your brand seen than through your audience who are hooked on to digital world.
It is an irony but it is true how this day even from ‘how to cut a pineapple’ to ‘making a telescope ‘can be seen, read and talked about in magazines, books, newspapers. The audience is always on the go to get something new. It is here where you can reach onto them by giving them what they need. Your marketing team will let you know where to tap, with what content to tap. So what happens really is you are seen amongst the audience.

·         Participation in trade shows, seminars, talk shows
As much as you can, you must participate yourself into the trade shows as this will help you gather information about the market. This is a platform where it is the responsibility of the exhibitor organizers to pull in crowd. You get a readymade crowd to showcase your product and have lead generation. Things like giving away free product samples, consultations, a 30 second live show; a small contest etc. will help target market to flock to your booth.

·         Take reviews positively
It is essential that you keep your positivity intact. There are chances were not everyone will appreciate your products. However it shouldn’t create a negative impact on your marketing strategy. Instead, take it as a tactic. Ask your audience to use the product for a week/fortnight/month for free and if they like it they can purchase it and so on. This too can be one of the offline marketing tricks to influence the market.

·         Let your logo do the saying
It is essential that you make your brand seen. Once a customer is a fan of yours, they will always remain one. Thus, things like personalized mug with your logo on every order of coffee Wow! WHAT AN IDEA. Imagine your client gets name embossed on the coffee cup he is taking a sip to or a caricature. This may need an extra penny to shade in, but if this is going to help, it should be done instinct.

Final thoughts
At the end of the day it is all about building marketing of your product. Every Indian entrepreneur wishes to have a high rate of conversion rate. Many a time it is the audience who will give marketing tricks working magnificently well. Try that out!

Author Bio:
Mehul Panchal, an entrepreneur, business adviser, mentor, speaker, writer, gymer. Also founder and Chief Managing Director of Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. For more about me visit my website, Mehul Panchal

So far you are successfully running a blog. When you listen to others advises that your blog should be designed like this or like that, you always think of blog re-design either temporarily or permanently. You are new to blogging or you want to re-design your existing blog, you have to place these words in your mind when you gotta change the design of your blog.
Here are things you should consider before blog re-design:
The importance of Design:
If you are running a WordPress or Joomla site, you might have seen many premium themes. Those premium theme companies always say you that you blog re-design or designing your blog for the first time is more important than your content. You can observe many famous blogs with free themes with a great content. So whatever the design of your blog never matters. Make sure you got perfect navigation menu and that’s enough. If your site produces quality viral content, the design of your blog is just simple.
More is Great:
Some themes or designs offer two or more columns. So that the number of posts appears on the homepage is more. So that a visitor can easily understand the niche of the blog and the type of posts he is watching. With one single column and placing ads on the right sidebar makes a visitor think of that your site is full of ads and there is a chance of getting away from your blog permanently. So a site with 2 to 3 columns will be more attractive than a single column. A single column is best suitable for Blogger. Your navigation menu should be easily trackable.
The role of Fonts:
Cheesy fonts give an unpleasant feeling. In WordPress, you can install Google Fonts plugin. Rich text format gives the best impression. Your header must be in pleasant text. Don’t make the first impression worst from the reads.
Colors importance:
Some themes give you a combination of colors for the entire site. Colors for headings and post titles should be viewable perfectly. So many colors in a single post mislead a reader that he will get into the confusion that whether he is reading the post or watching some text ads. Even if you place some text-ads, make sure those ads are mingled with the colors of the post title and Headings.
Blog Logo:
Logo plays an important role in a blog branding. Your blog should have a logo and that should be unique from other similar niches.
Graphics and animation:
You might have seen many of the blogs give a pop-up so that you can subscribe to the newsletter, or subscribe for new posts etc.  Some of those pop-ups are richly designed graphics. Those will affect page loading. If page loads slower definitely it affects the patience of your visitors.  Some sites might have rich designs but their page loading is like a rocket. So make sure your on-page tools help you in loading page faster.
Commenting Section:
Take suggestions from the readers. People who read a post might be more intelligent than who actually wrote. Some may give advice; some may review your post. Whatever it is, you should interact with the readers with an effective commenting section.

Author bio
Maya is IT Girl and Full-time writer for and Digital marketing specialist since 4 years, she always likes to write on tech topic. She spent most of her career as Guest Blogger and Digital marking expert.

The life of the freelance writer offers challenges and rewards. As a writer, you can set your own schedule and don’t have to worry about pleasing a boss. On the other hand, you have to face a set of difficulties that are unique to the freelance style of work. These difficulties are discussed below.
Looking for clients –
Finding clients is the top difficulty that freelance writers face. As a writer, you are not just expected to focus on work, but also marketing yourself so that more clients can find you. Also, you have to find the right people to work with. Some clients can be difficult. Your task is to find clients who are fair, pay reasonable rates for work and appreciate the effort that you must put into your work.  There are solutions for this problem and you have to focus on the right approach if you want to find clients easily.
Freelance writers often complain about difficulty in finding clients and lack of work. On the other hand, once work starts coming in, you might be caught unprepared. If you don’t free up your schedule, you might have to turn away clients and very rewarding projects. You might have to burn the midnight oil to keep deadlines, and you would need to put off many of your pending projects.
This is one of the difficulties of the freelance writer’s life, but depending on how you handle it, the rewards are many. Also, overwork leads to stress and exhaustion and might even lead to burnout. As a freelance writer, you should always be prepared for unexpected workloads. You should also be willing to outsource some of the excess work to other writers, and this could be a win-win solution for many of your problems. Then again, if the client has awarded the work specifically to you impressed by your qualifications, you might be violating their trust by letting other people handle the work. You would need to either politely tell clients to defer their deadlines, or you could look into letting other writers handle extra workloads with client consent.
Lack of Inspiration –
There is nothing as bad for business as the writer’s block. When you find that ideas just refuse to come to you and your hands sit idle on the keyboard, you know that the dreaded writer’s block has arrived. Depending on many things, this can last for a few minutes or can take up a better part of the month, or even many months. Some of the greatest writers have had to deal with the lack of inspiration. They have handled it through a change in routine, or reading, and other habits that would help inspiration flow again. You can look at options such as travel, spending more time on your hobby, and light reading, to get new ideas. For a writer, it is important to spend more time on getting to know the right people, so that you can find encouragement and new ideas.
Time management –
Even if your workload is very light, you will find that as a freelance writer it is difficult to manage your time sufficiently well. If you are working at your home office, it can be very hard to draw the line between work and personal life. With people visiting, phones ringing, and children crying, it might seem impossible to be able to find time to write. Writers must, therefore, create an office space free of distractions and enlist help from family so that they are able to work in peace. While you can manage your outer environment, finding the inspiration to work can be doubly challenging. You have to set yourself a schedule, just like you would at a regular desk job so that you can manage your time better. Using a simple kitchen timer can help you put in effort easily, and make time management easier.

Isolation –
As a freelance writer, you might be spending a lot of time working in your room, away from family and friends. You don’t get to socialize with coworkers like you would in a regular job. This can lead to feelings of isolation, and if not tended to in time, writers might find themselves feeling miserable and depressed. The solution would be to identify the feelings of depression and misery well in time. If you don’t enjoy your work anymore, or you don’t like to do the things you once enjoyed, and there has been a marked change in your sleeping and eating patterns, for the worse, then you might want to communicate more with family and friends, to break the cycle. While you have to take care of mental health, it is also important to be vigilant about your physical health. Taking breaks from work when needed, exercise and time to indulge in activities you like are important to becoming a successful freelance writer.

These are some of the difficulties the freelance writer faces on their journey, but like all hardships, these can become the stepping stones to a bright future. With skills, dedication and the right attitude the freelance writer can build a rewarding career.
Blogging is quite viral in the present time. People always seek for new things and they want to enlighten themselves with that thing that’s why blogging is becoming more popular. Another interesting fact related to blogging is that it has become a medium of earning and many of highest paid bloggers are earning enough. Blogging is no more defined a thing done for joy or can say teaching people, it has become a source of income but when the thing comes how to become such blogger, the mind starts puzzling.

It’s very easy to start and very easy to write but getting views or traffic at your site is something very difficult. Here, are few tips and tricks that you can follow to provide hike to your blogs.

Use a relevant niche-

Don't focus on others and don't copy anyone, just stipulate your niche first. Find out in which niche you are the king and in which niche you can guide others. Also, see whether you are able to write the good and nice description or not. Never, forget to research on the Google that which topic is viral at this time.

Pen down your topic-

Whenever, you wish to write or wish to update your topic then first of first, pen your topic down and proofread it. This part will aid you in improving. Once you are done with it, update that blog with nice and beautiful pictures.

SEO Optimization is needed-

Writing unique topics is a nice thing but the writing only can’t bring traffic on your blog, you need to take help of technology. SEO optimization is an essential part nowadays. It’s quite easy and very useful. It not only aids in bringing your blog at the top of the list but it also helps in bringing more traffic on your blog.

Update your blog after particular interval-

For bringing more and more views on your blog, you do require to spend some time on that as you would be requiring updating your topics after a particular interval. The particular update assists you maintaining your views and traffic coming to your blog.

Read comments and request of the people-

When you start getting few views and comments on your blog, do see them and try to reply all at the initial stage as this will increase your fan following and the feedback of the people will aid you in improving yourself. Always mind their reviews and do apply it to your next updates.


Blogging is the coolest work ever done but when it is done from the point of view earning, at that time one need to mind many things as mentioned above. Most importantly, many people surrender before time as they feel it’s a waste of time but nothing is like that. One requires being patient enough in this case. Your patience and hard work would definitely bring prolific things but be practical and professional enough when writing for money making.

Blogging is something that most of the people love to do. Blogging is something like expressing yourself in the fullest way or when you have the great and profound knowledge of something, you just make the world to know about it. The very high profile professionals, who are the great bloggers of the current time earns a lot from their blogging and this has become a trend for the people to just make such blog that can go viral with a certain time period. Many people are trying hard to achieve this but who gets the success in this? The question is quite puzzling but the answer is very simple. Here are few tips and tactics that can help you in improving yourself and making you the one.

How to become an ultimate blogger?

The trend is quite viral in the current time but for becoming the one, you require few things. Importantly, whenever you desire to start a blog, always go for a thorough research on the net and find which topic is trendy or can say which nice people are considering more. When you find out that viral niche for yourself then go for grasping the proficient knowledge. Once you are done just start writing. Never forget to apply the adworld and SEO work on your written blog as this will provide a good hike to your blog.

How to find the viral niche?

In the contemporary world, the trend is of Facebook, Google, Health and Fitness and the latest Technology. You choose amongst these or you can also go for some other viral topics but for that, you need to go for a very immersing research. People always love read, what they don't know, so choose such topic which is trendy but unknown for many people. Don’t copy anyone and make your creation as the creation always attract more and more people towards it.

When can I expect to earn?

Blogging is not that u wrote a piece of work at night and next day you are seeing your name in news paper as the trendiest blogger. Blogging means patience. One need to keep patience a lot as it takes time to reach to the people. Once you are an established Blogger, you start getting traffic on your blog; you will ultimately earn money, name and fame.

What are the qualities that the highest bloggers have?

Mainly, the highest earning bloggers have their stipulating niche, they don't bump other and other topics and they just focus one thing and monitor it properly. Focusing on one thing is quite hard as it requires a lot of patience and effort. So, if you feel that you have the tendency to just hold these things then you can also become the one.


Making blogs from the point of view of earning is not at all worthing, make it as fun and try to enlighten the world with the knowledge that you have, which is very uncommon and nice. Your proficiency and profound knowledge can aid you in finding your way to becoming the highest paid blogger.