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Safety is an indispensable part of any workplace especially hazardous and construction areas. The reason behind is the amount of danger and uncertainties involved in the work front. As we all know the uncertainties can never be predicted and same goes with the calculative loss. Yes, the power to forecast the uncertainty is not there, but we have the capability to reduce the overall risk by using the apt protective equipment. Uviraj is known for its quality and standard concerning safety and protective products. Our products are meant intending to meet the European and Indian Standard needs. So, we can say we are one of the recognized and certified manufactures in India. Our clients trust us as one of the best Safety Belt Manufacturers India along with we are also involved in manufacturing fall protection, safety shoes, harnesses as well. In simple words, it can be said we are destined with all the necessities required to cut down the risk at work front.

Our fall protection products are being used by top clients and industries across the globe. Viraj Safety First is accountable for the manufacturing of the protective, so there are no regrets or falling behind. Further, the products are marked with CE and IS certification as well. We are one such Fall Protection Manufacturers India whose products are being used by the industries of Spain, Asia, South America, Italy and so on. Our distribution network is also very extensive, and the credit goes to our hardcore team who are working on every step with utmost care.

Now, if you are searching for Harness Manufacturers India, then Viraj Safety First will pop out from the search results. Here are products that are body belts and safety harnesses are crafted in a manner that it offers the highest safety with comfort.  While working at height, the need of harness becomes mandatory and as per the law and our harnesses will furnish great results without any injuries. Our main motto while designing protective equipment is to make the workers safe and prevent them from any unexpected accidents as well. All the products are first tested examined by our experts and then are shipped to the clients.

We are also Safety shoes Manufacturers India and deal in both safety shoes and boots. Our footwear is manufactured using microfibers instead of leather. Thus, the weight turns down to 50%, and the protective gear is of high level. The quality and design that we proffer to our clients are unmatched and meets the necessary standards with great pricing.

Uviraj can be banked on for any kind of protective equipment required by workers. We have a team that is proficient in their work and will offer to meet the client’s expectations. If you are among the ones looking for quality and standard then without giving a second though reach us at or can ring us on +91-512-2690031. Feel free to contact us and avail the benefits of international standards protective equipment.

Across the nation, the burning topic today is an Aadhaar card. Every day there is an update in that front and so citizens are hurriedly enrolling and linking all their documents to the 12-digit Aadhaar number to be on the safer side and avoid any menace. 
Aadhaar card, which contains biometric and demographic details of person, equips an individual with a unique number that is vital to build one’s identity. Developed and maintained by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the card includes security features that avoids duplication of data. The card has been made mandatory as it greatly helps the government to curb the black money out of the system, hand over the government benefits on the right hand and prevent duplication.
For the convenience of the citizens and give them some additional time, the government of India has extended the last date of linking Aadhaar to different documents to March 31, 2018.  This buffer time has bought in a lot of relief among the citizens and reduced the looming tension.
Above all, linking mobile number to Aadhaar is of paramount importance as the one-time password (OTP) is received in that number that is useful for verification purpose. In case if you have completed the linking of Aadhaar number to a bank account, mobile number  and email ID and want to know the current status, read through the article to gain insights and proceed further.

Verifying Your Mobile Number

For verifying if your mobile number is linked to Aadhaar or not, you should follow the below mentioned steps.
Step 1: Visit the UIDAI’s official website.
Step 2: Click on “Verify Email or Mobile number” link.
Step 3: On the new page, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number, email ID, mobile number and the security code correctly.
Step 4: Next click on “Get one-time password” button.
Step 5: You will receive an OTP on the Aadhaar registered mobile number.
Step 6: Enter the OTP and click on the “Verify OTP” button.
Step 7: If all the information entered is correct, a message is displayed on the screen saying “Congratulations! Your Mobile is linked to Aadhaar”.
At any point of time if you realise that your mobile number is not linked with Aadhaar visit the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre to complete the linking process.

Verifying the Bank Account

Linking bank account to the Aadhaar number is pivotal and if you miss the date you can’t access your account after the last date. So it is better to cross-check, before that happens. Only if your mobile number is linked to the Aadhaar you can check the status of the bank account.
The UIDAI website displays only the last bank account that you have linked to the Aadhaar number. In case if you have multiple bank accounts, you should visit the page of each bank and check the status from the following page. There are two ways to check the status of bank account and Aadhaar linking.

      By Visiting the Online Portal

Checking the status through the online mode is quite easy and can be completed in few simple steps by siting at the comforts of home. Below mentioned are the steps that will help you to check the status.

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on “Check Aadhaar and Bank Account Linking Status” under Aadhaar services column.
Step 3: On the new page, enter your Aadhaar number and security code and click on “Submit” button.
Step 4: On doing this, an OTP is generated on your Aadhaar registered mobile number.
Step 5: Enter the OTP and click on “Login”.
Step 6: Once you login you can verify if you bank account is linked to Aadhaar or not. If it is linked then the message reflects, “Congratulations! Your Bank Aadhaar Mapping has been done.”

      By Using the Mobile Number

You can also check the status of Aadhaar linking with a bank account by using the phone number. Here are steps that will help you to check the status.

Step 1: On your mobile keypad, dial *99*99*1#.
Step 2: Give your 12-digit Aadhaar number to the executive on the other side.
Step 3: Verify the digits twice.
Step 4: On doing this, you will get a confirmation about the status of your bank account and Aadhaar linking.
Using these steps, check the status of your bank account and mobile number linking to Aadhaar as soon as possible. It’s better to be late than never to keep yourself aligned with the government’s ongoing digitisation move.

Fixed deposit is traditionally the favourite investment instrument of Indians. Over the years, fixed deposits have inculcated the habit of saving in Indians and helped them earn attractive returns. While these deposits stand a good investment tool, they can also help you tide over a financial emergency. Loan against fixed deposit is a great way to meet your financial needs without depleting your savings.
Since these loans are secured against your fixed deposit, they can be availed at a lower interest rate than an unsecured personal loan. At the same time, you can continue earning interest on your fixed deposit. You can use an FD calculator to find out the total amount you earn as interest on your fixed deposit and the interest that you will have to pay on the loan.

Loan against Fixed Deposit

Banks give out loans as overdraft against fixed deposits. There are a few things you must know before applying for such a loan-
·         One can get a loan for up to 90 percent of the total value of fixed deposit.
·         Most of the banks do not charge any processing fee on loans taken against fixed deposits.
·         The rate of interest charged on these loans will be 2-2.5% higher than what the bank is currently offering you on the fixed deposit.

·         Loan against fixed deposits have to be paid off in easy EMIs like any other loan.
·         Such loans can stand as good alternatives for personal loans which are usually high-cost and come with several other charges.

Before taking a loan against fixed deposit, you must calculate the interest that you will have to pay using an EMI calculator and the interest that you are earning on your deposit with the help of an FD Calculator. Let us understand this with the help of an example-
Suppose you have a fixed deposit of Rs 1 Lakh with the bank and you wish to take a personal loan of Rs 70,000. Now you earn interest at the rate of 6% on your FD and the interest that you will have to pay is at the rate of 8%. On the other hand, most of the personal loan offerings start at 12%. So loan against fixed deposit can be a worthy deal if you need a small loan and don’t want to risk any asset as collateral.

Benefits of Taking a Loan against Fixed Deposit

Taking a loan against your fixed deposit not only serves as a good alternative for personal loan but at the same time it can be one of easiest ways of meeting a financial urgency. By taking a loan against fixed deposit, you can enjoy the following benefits-

Lower Interest Rate- Since the loan is secured against your fixed deposit, bank will charge a lower rate of interest than what it would charge on an unsecured personal loan.

Hassle Free Borrowing- Having a deposit with the bank adds to your creditworthiness quotient. At the same time, you will have to provide lesser documents as you are already a customer of the bank.

No Prepayment Penalty- Most of the banks do not charge any pre-payment penalty on loans that are secured against fixed deposits, whereas, prepayment in case of a personal loan may cost around 1-3% of the outstanding amount.

Low or No Processing Fee- When you take a personal loan, lenders charge a processing fee of 1-3% of the amount borrowed. However, in case of loans taken against fixed deposits, banks do not charge any processing fee. Even if they do, it will be a negligible amount.
So, this way a fixed deposit is not only a great saving instrument, it can also be a saviour whenever you face a financial emergency. While it may be a great alternative for personal loan, there may be other types of loans that come with lower rates. So, you must compare other available options thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.

Offline marketing tricks for startups growth

There is a lot that one can do when there is a business that is flourishing and has been here in the business world for years on. But what do you do if yours is a startup company that is newly but fast growing business. You wish to meet the market place to match the needs of the business. For this you will need a product that is out of the box, a service par excellence and a platform to give you the best visibility. So how do you do that? Simple, with some marketing tricks. The more people know you, better it is for you and your business.

·         Tap the print media before social media
You can go minimal on this as the print media, the local radio stations, television network are on the verge of some news. Why not make your startup a sensational. Giving out various details about how the idea jumped into, what were the ideas behind it. It is an old school marketing tricks but works brilliantly well in tapping the right audience. As people still believe that if you are on the print, you definitely have something special in you. Then go ahead and post your article published on the newspaper later on your social media network. Your visibility becomes wider and audience would like to know more about you hence.

·         Radio stations
The present day everyone is on the radio. While driving, while working, the radio stations are on. It is a good deal to offer freebies on a contest. Let your audience answer a question to win your product. Firstly, you are saving money on the advertisement part of it. At the same time your products are getting advertised through the radio channel. Thus, tap the local radio stations it is going to benefit you for a long time.

·         Know what your audience say
 It is a simple task where you reach onto your audience and ask them if they would like to recommend your product on a scale of 1 to 10. If the average you receive is more than 8, you are good to go ahead with your business plans and promotions.

·         Content marketing strategy
It is the game of visibility and brand name when it comes on the trust part. Therefore the best way is to make your brand seen in the market. What better way of making your brand seen than through your audience who are hooked on to digital world.
It is an irony but it is true how this day even from ‘how to cut a pineapple’ to ‘making a telescope ‘can be seen, read and talked about in magazines, books, newspapers. The audience is always on the go to get something new. It is here where you can reach onto them by giving them what they need. Your marketing team will let you know where to tap, with what content to tap. So what happens really is you are seen amongst the audience.

·         Participation in trade shows, seminars, talk shows
As much as you can, you must participate yourself into the trade shows as this will help you gather information about the market. This is a platform where it is the responsibility of the exhibitor organizers to pull in crowd. You get a readymade crowd to showcase your product and have lead generation. Things like giving away free product samples, consultations, a 30 second live show; a small contest etc. will help target market to flock to your booth.

·         Take reviews positively
It is essential that you keep your positivity intact. There are chances were not everyone will appreciate your products. However it shouldn’t create a negative impact on your marketing strategy. Instead, take it as a tactic. Ask your audience to use the product for a week/fortnight/month for free and if they like it they can purchase it and so on. This too can be one of the offline marketing tricks to influence the market.

·         Let your logo do the saying
It is essential that you make your brand seen. Once a customer is a fan of yours, they will always remain one. Thus, things like personalized mug with your logo on every order of coffee Wow! WHAT AN IDEA. Imagine your client gets name embossed on the coffee cup he is taking a sip to or a caricature. This may need an extra penny to shade in, but if this is going to help, it should be done instinct.

Final thoughts
At the end of the day it is all about building marketing of your product. Every Indian entrepreneur wishes to have a high rate of conversion rate. Many a time it is the audience who will give marketing tricks working magnificently well. Try that out!

Author Bio:
Mehul Panchal, an entrepreneur, business adviser, mentor, speaker, writer, gymer. Also founder and Chief Managing Director of Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. For more about me visit my website, Mehul Panchal

Bookkeeping refers to the organization and storage of accounting and financial documents such as ledgers, journals, financial statements, income tax records, and more. The importance of bookkeeping cannot be overemphasized, as it is a vital part of the overall success of any business — both large or small.

Have you been paying attention to your books? Failing to balance your books can have a direct adverse effect on your business performance. Here we have collated top four reasons why your business needs to get the focus back onto bookkeeping:

1.     Improved financial analysis and management
From the get go, every business should start focusing on Cash flow management. With accurate bookkeeping, you can systematize your follow-ups and invoicing, while making on-time payments to suppliers.

2.    Easy reporting to your investors
With regular and accurate bookkeeping, you will no longer need to worry about reporting to your investors and sharing the financial status of your company. From graphs to charts and the lists of data, you can easily present everything to your investor from your accounting books.

3.    Make informed business plans
With the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements, you can check if your company is on the right track financially. Based on your financial status, you can make informed and effective business decisions.

4.    Keep a proper record, as required by the Law
With bookkeeping, you can keep a record of all your financial dealings and keep everything organized right from your big to small invoices. This makes the retrieving process relatively easy, once the time for auditing comes.

To achieve all of the above, you can outsource bookkeeping and accounting to a professional company. This way, you can always keep the financial aspects of your business intact and organized.

So far you are successfully running a blog. When you listen to others advises that your blog should be designed like this or like that, you always think of blog re-design either temporarily or permanently. You are new to blogging or you want to re-design your existing blog, you have to place these words in your mind when you gotta change the design of your blog.
Here are things you should consider before blog re-design:
The importance of Design:
If you are running a WordPress or Joomla site, you might have seen many premium themes. Those premium theme companies always say you that you blog re-design or designing your blog for the first time is more important than your content. You can observe many famous blogs with free themes with a great content. So whatever the design of your blog never matters. Make sure you got perfect navigation menu and that’s enough. If your site produces quality viral content, the design of your blog is just simple.
More is Great:
Some themes or designs offer two or more columns. So that the number of posts appears on the homepage is more. So that a visitor can easily understand the niche of the blog and the type of posts he is watching. With one single column and placing ads on the right sidebar makes a visitor think of that your site is full of ads and there is a chance of getting away from your blog permanently. So a site with 2 to 3 columns will be more attractive than a single column. A single column is best suitable for Blogger. Your navigation menu should be easily trackable.
The role of Fonts:
Cheesy fonts give an unpleasant feeling. In WordPress, you can install Google Fonts plugin. Rich text format gives the best impression. Your header must be in pleasant text. Don’t make the first impression worst from the reads.
Colors importance:
Some themes give you a combination of colors for the entire site. Colors for headings and post titles should be viewable perfectly. So many colors in a single post mislead a reader that he will get into the confusion that whether he is reading the post or watching some text ads. Even if you place some text-ads, make sure those ads are mingled with the colors of the post title and Headings.
Blog Logo:
Logo plays an important role in a blog branding. Your blog should have a logo and that should be unique from other similar niches.
Graphics and animation:
You might have seen many of the blogs give a pop-up so that you can subscribe to the newsletter, or subscribe for new posts etc.  Some of those pop-ups are richly designed graphics. Those will affect page loading. If page loads slower definitely it affects the patience of your visitors.  Some sites might have rich designs but their page loading is like a rocket. So make sure your on-page tools help you in loading page faster.
Commenting Section:
Take suggestions from the readers. People who read a post might be more intelligent than who actually wrote. Some may give advice; some may review your post. Whatever it is, you should interact with the readers with an effective commenting section.

Author bio
Maya is IT Girl and Full-time writer for and Digital marketing specialist since 4 years, she always likes to write on tech topic. She spent most of her career as Guest Blogger and Digital marking expert.

In the earlier days what was considered to be a luxury has now metamorphosed into a necessity. Yes, we are talking about cars. “The wheels”, be these big or small, have become an integral part of every person’s life.
However, not everyone can afford to buy their dream car by settling the full amount. In fact, most people prefer to opt for a car loan which is one of the best ways to own a car without breaking the bank.
But, car loans don’t come cheap. The finance organizations are well aware of the common man’s desire to own a set of wheels. Thus, they try to make the most of this situation. Wondering how? They design the most lucrative car loan packages with hidden costs and whatnot, and many vulnerable souls fall prey to this business strategy.
Scary, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry. You just need to have some smart strategies of your own when negotiating the car loans, to strike the best deal. Take a look at some of the time-tested strategies that have really worked out.
1.      Shop around for the Best Lender: All banks and financial organizations offer car loans to interested people. However, it should be noted that each organization has a diverse kind of working the interest rates. So, many times the interest rates for car loans may vary from one lender to the other. Research around a bit will give you an idea of the lenders who are willing to give car loans at the lowest interest rates. You can also compare loans online.  Equipped with this knowledge, you can go ahead and book your dream car.

2.       Negotiate the Price of the Wheels: It is quite imperative that when you go to buy a car, you already have an idea about the amount that you are willing to shell out every month. So, don’t let the car salesman lure you to something that is way beyond your budget. Instead, try to negotiate the price of the car you prefer. Make sure not to mention the EMI that you have in mind. Most often than not, the car salesman will try to negotiate the price of the car in accordance to it, thus leading to a poor deal for you. So, focus on negotiating the price of the car rather than discussing the monthly installments.

3.      Analyze your Credit Reports: Banks and financial organizations check the credit report of a person before agreeing to offer a loan. Thus, before you set out requesting a loan, make sure to check your credit reports and ensure that there are no discrepancies in it. Even a small issue in the credit report would cause the banks to up their interest rates for you. Also, if you are aware of your credit profile, you can be sure that the financial organizations do not try to take undue advantage by quoting high rates.

4.      Opt for a Short Loan Tenure: There is no denying the fact that a car is an asset whose value depreciates with each passing year. Hence when you opt for a car loan, make sure not to extend the tenure of the loan for more than 3-5 years. Remember, the shorter the tenure, the lower the amount of interest that you shell out. According to financial experts, a longer tenure for the car would mean that you end up paying significantly more for it.
Car dealers also try to rip their customers by adding in various extras like gap insurance, extended warranties and what not. Believe it or not, these are a smart way for them to make higher profits.

So, now that you are well equipped with these strategies, go ahead and book your dream on wheels today!

Has your washer ceased working? Does your tv show blurry pictures from time to time? Does your iron get warm and burn up your costly outfits by adhering to them? Don't worry; there is a solution for all these problems. A solution that is quick and effective. There are a number of companies and repair experts who can repair these faulty appliances at reasonable prices.
Appliances are the main issue with our lifestyle. They can create household projects easy and fast and they can help you not wasting time, energy, and initiatives. Obviously is that no matter how you clean and care for your appliances, they are likely to crack down at some point.
Some parts of the broken appliances may need repair or replacement and do this can create the appliances perform efficiently again. It is also necessary to call an appliance repair professional to avoid the possibility of getting electric shocks and higher electricity bills. Such experts can target the actual problem and give suggestions regarding parts that need to be set or changed. Trying to repair appliances by yourself may not only intensify the situation by further destructive the appliances it may also lead to the possibility of resulting in you accidents through electric shocks.
As time goes by, appliances start losing their performance and stop operating effectively. It might be due to regular utilization, deterioration. When devices crack down, one has no choice but to do the projects personally. This is not only boring but also needs a lot of your energy, something that operating experts are always short of. Replacing the devices is not always the solution considering the fact that these appliances are really costly. The better option would be to seek a professional in appliances repair who will repair these devices, so you can get on with your active lifestyles. There are Appliances Repair Services Gurgaon providing repair and servicing services for various appliances like refrigerators, air conditioning units, ovens, washing machines and other house appliances.
It is spectacular to consider the many fine success that can be linked to humankind. The quantity of improvement this species has recorded in fields like technology is truly amazing. Appliances now prevail that people use in components to experience a lifestyle that is easier and better than ever before. But if one of these items smashes, a person must know where to discover proper house appliances repair service.
What sort of technology has been made that create a house lifestyle so much improved? How about things like microwave ovens, refrigerators, clothes washers and hairdryers, and stoves? These AC installations services Gurgaon improve a lifestyle in plenty of ways that become reliable and then common. A person discovers added comfort by using them.
But if a product is broken, for example, it does not perform effectively any longer, this does not mean it is ineffective and gone permanently. A person does not have to get rid of it and change it. Instead, they can discover a more affordable option that makes a lot more sense to use.
This option would be the great support that is looking a professional AC repair services Gurgaon to come over and take a look at whatever is broken. A specialist can come to where a person lives and make an assessment of how much it will price to repair appliances that do not seem to be operating. They even can usually repair it on the spot for an affordable.

In order to discover such a professional TV repair services Gurgaon, a person will want to do the appropriate quantity of analysis. The best starting point studies always on the internet, thanks to search engines. A person can discover a specialist before you know it that will often be willing to come over and offer a free calculate their rates and costs for repairing appliances.
Millennials these days move to different cities and tend to rent houses as renting is cheaper than buying and makes sense for people who don’t plan on staying in the city forever. Rental housing is essential in India. Rental housing can also be termed as affordable housing and is picking up the pace in the country. The government is discussing and coming up with ways and means of easing stringent rent control norms, to make this necessity available to everyone.

Be it a rented independent house in Bangalore, a one BHK in Mumbai, or a 3BHK apartment in Gurgaon, the rental yield is low in Indian cities. The opportunity cost of holding on property in India is higher as renting out property is not very profitable. The reason could be a disproportion between rents and rise in housing prices. In India, there is no flourishing rental market. The rental market is largely informal, which is why the rents and housing prices are not coming closer.
Growing progression of urban areas and increasing population in these areas are the demand generators of affordable housing. With the increasing demand of for housing that is affordable but includes basic amenities, affordable housing provisions are important at all levels. From a national point of view, affordable housing indicates balanced growth in the country. Boosting affordable housing will lead to better quality of life and at the same time will provide a thrust to the GDP of the country.
The emerging corporate capital of Delhi NCR – Gurgaon, is home to a huge migrant population. The housing market in Gurgaon is highly active, as many people come to Gurgaon seeking job opportunities. Various housing societies have homes ready to be rented out and bought at the same time. Sector 49, Sector 42, Sector 26, Sector 88A, Bhiwadi Sector 15, etc. are some of the best locations for 3BHK in Gurgaon.

To buy best apartments in Gurgaon, The Center Court offer the best options. 

Most Indians are familiar with the term ‘PAN Card’. Apart from being used for all income tax and banking purposes, this card also acts as a proof of identity. PAN is short for Permanent Account Number. It is a unique identification number that is assigned to every citizen who pays tax in India. It is one of the most important documents as it has records of all the tax related activities of an individual.
People need PAN to make any transaction that require this card. To get the card, one has to first apply for it. By introducing the online application process, the government has made it very easy for people to apply for PAN. The online process saves time and is much faster than the offline application process.

How to Apply for PAN Online?
To apply for a new PAN online, people have to following the steps mentioned below:
l  Step 1 – Open the UTIITSL or NSDL website. The Government of India have  permitted these websites to allow PAN related transactions.     
l  Step 2 – On the home page, select ‘PAN Card’ from the ‘Services’ drop down menu. Under ‘Pan Card’, choose the options that are applicable to you.
l  Step 3 – A new window displaying the form will open. Fill the form and submit it. Before starting the form fill up process, ensure that you read the ‘Guidelines and Instructions’.
l  Step 4 – Pay the fee.
l  Step 5 – Send copies of the following documents to UTIITSL or NSDL by post for verification.
                                    Identity                                    Proof.
                                    Address                                   Proof.
                                    Passport                                  Sized Photographs.
                                    Copy of                                   acknowledgement letter.                                
To apply online, people need a desktop/laptop/phone with internet connection activated on it. If for some reason they do not have access to the internet, then they can apply for a PAN card offline. The Income Tax Department of India has authorized various centres throughout the country to issue PAN. To apply offline, one has to visit one such centre, fill and submit the application form along with all the required documents.

Online Application for Reprint of PAN Card by NSDL

There may be times when an entity needs to get a duplicate PAN card. This may occur in situations when the original PAN card is misplaced or lost and the cardholder no more holds a physical card. In such cases, the application form remains the same, that is, form 49A. The various fields are filled in the same way as the above listed steps for application of new PAN.
A few documents need to be attached with this application. These are proof of address, proof of identity and proof of date of birth.
NOTE:An important point that needs to be taken care of while filling any of the application forms for PAN is that the field, ‘Name’ in the application form should match exactly with the name in the submitted documents. Any discrepancy in this leads to rejection of application.

Coming to Stone cladding it is an enthralling feature for a home, to make it classy and refreshing for a very long time irrespective of the architecture stratagem manipulated. From a plethora of applications like a total house exterior modification to ventures like cladding a floor or a fireplace, stone cladding is a means of revamping your house so that it incorporates an aura of brand new feeling. At present stone cladding has created a comprehensive and profound style related to its look and the simplicity related to the installation. We at DJ stones provide excellent natural stone cladding at a reasonable price.

Stone Cladding for Exterior

The main use of stone cladding is to augment the exterior portions of the home and incorporate a single or multiple accent walls. The look of a home where there is the presence of grey cut stone exterior walls is enriched to a great extent. Further a porch designed with sandstone walls also creates a good feel and is well suited for a welcoming aspect. Archaic materials are modified to provide a refreshing look and thus design a stone clad home which is featured with an ageless look and feel.
Garden Walls: Gardens are a refreshing sight for a person to look at irrespective of the weather and season. By providing the apt stone classing they are magnified as a visually appealing background with the plants and other such components in the garden. Stone cladding also finds its application with respect to retaining walls as well.

Paths and Patios -

We at DJ stones venture to augment the exterior of your homes by revamping patios and garden paths with stone cladding. Patios are used to provide a continuity between the indoors and the outdoors. Although gravel could be applied for this, it creates a mess which requires a lot of strenuous work to sort out. Stonework done by us enrich the visual look without much issues and maintenance. As aforementioned the visual appeal is augmented and it serves to enlarge the kerb appeal of the property.

Stone Cladding for Inside the Home

By providing accent walls in stone, a total composite room or even smaller spaces can be augmented. Cladding entryways with stones ascertain that the guests will interpret the home owners to have an aura of good design traits. A rustic brick clad wall enriches the atmosphere of a kitchen. Further our stone cladding with respect to a solid wall can provide the aura of exterior space sans the exposure to the weather elements.

Fireplaces -  Fireplaces serve as the basis of any room and a poor one could deteriorate the typically rich decoration. People are enthralled by fireplaces and hence the revamping of a fireplace could lead to good benefits for a room's style. Stone veneers and claddings done by us augment the look of the fireplace and gives a new and varied look for the entire room.

Floors- Our stone cladding when it comes to floors enriches the location whether it is small in dimensions or filled with several cabinets. The stone veneer is quite suited for kitchens and narrow hallways. DJ stone's stone veneering enables a great look for a single room or entirely across the house.
DJ stone's stone cladding are reasonably priced and affordable so that the entire home is revamped and the living space is very much augmented. It also serves great use when the home owners are opting to sell the house. Our cladding and stone veneering ensures that there are more beauty and less maintenance to generate a great upheaval for the interiors.
As aforementioned our stone cladding finds its applications in the outside portion of the home and also for the interiors as well. We implement it in order to augment your fireplaces, windows and doors. The demand for these are rising because they are comparatively lighter compared to the normal counterparts and are imbibed with a feeling of natural look.
The benefits you get from availing our stone cladding services are that
The natural stones are bulky and provide hindrances with relation to transport and application. Stone cladding provided by us are lighter and simple to install. It is very much adaptable with surface materials like wood,cement and the such. This eliminates the hindrances to revamp the surfacers. Our stone cladding expenditure is minimal when evalauted with natural stones which are much expensive in all aspects. Our stones are quite malleable which augments the simplicity to install them. The services of a vacuum table and clamps are availed to facilitate the process with ease. This feature is absent in the natural stones where the stones cannot be modified to the apt dimensions and shape as in the case of stone cladding. The color combination and syncing can also be made use of related to your needs. The natural feel of the stones are augmented. The stones are very much durable against heat and finds its use in fireplaces where the charm is augmented. The non porous and non absorbent nature of these stones facilitate simple maintenance. The stones come from hard materials and are very much durable and can last for a considerably large amount of time. The color associated with the stones dont degrade with respect to environmental and weather changes making them apt for interiors and exteriors. They serve to enrich the feel of the home and beautify it.
Our services with relation to stone cladding are apt when the user wants to install and take care of a natural looking stone which is inexpensive and affordable when compared to the original stones.
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DJ Stones is one of the most reputed natural stone suppliers in Chennai. We value our customers by revamping their buildings according to their preferences at an affordable pricing.