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There are several people who move to different cities for various reasons. Moving with your family makes your moving process less stressful, as you know that you have the help and support of your family which will further make your moving process run smoothly. What if you are asked to move alone? Whether you move within or across the state, the entire moving procedure sends butterflies in your stomach. In situations where you are bound to move alone, moving can turn out to be nerve-wracking.

There are countless people who come to live in a different state or country for a better job or career prospects. Moving out on your own is not an easy task. You have to be very cautious in every aspect of your move. Shifting to an unknown location is indeed very challenging. When you move alone, you have to focus on a lot of moving work all by yourself. From hiring a moving agency to getting your household belongings shifted at a new destination, the entire procedure of move will consume a lot of time. While your mind is preoccupied in the process of shifting, there could be some important things like changing your address at post office which might get missed out in the hustle bustle of the shifting process. Changing address is a 5 minutes process if done online. has a great step by step tutorial on updating your address at post office. 

There is some imperative equipment which can make the process of move convenient for you; especially when you are carrying out the moving task all by yourself.

Imagine, you are all set to load your household appliances into the moving truck and all of a sudden, you get to know that some viral equipment is missing which could have made the move comfortable for you. What are the essential moving equipment which you will require to execute your moving process? Read the article and have a rundown of the imperative moving tools which fall under the "must have" category when you are moving alone.

Appliance Dolly:

The appliance dolly comes into use for people who have heavy items to load into the moving truck. The 'L' shaped design model is made up of metal used for moving bulky items from one place to another without a hitch. To make the transportation easy, the appliance dolly is of great avail. Many moving retailers supply the appliance dolly to the customers for self-moves. Heavy appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines are apt to move in the mentioned moving tool. No matter what the weight your household appliance is, you can make use of the tool for the convenience of your move. As the tool is potent enough to withstand any heavy objects of several hundred pounds, you can utilize the tool to load and unload the household goods you want to shift at your new residence.

Utility Dolly:

The utility dolly is tailor-made for shifting appliances, boxes, furniture and a lot of other items. It is light in weight; hence, it is easy to move the moving equipment down the stairs of your apartment. You can load the desired moving items onto the moving tool and climb up and down the stairs without any problem. Lifting large boxes or heavy weight furniture can cause injury to the parts of your body. Get hold of the utility dolly to easily carry numerous boxes and large electronic appliances without dropping any of the items on the floor.

Hand Truck:

The two-wheeled upright moving cart which is coated with a solid material used to make the transportation more convenient. People who are shifting their base from one location to another have a large number of items to be carried along with them. There could be countless small packed boxes which are mainly used for taking small-size items. It is not possible to take one box or carry a pile of the box in your hand at a time while loading than in the rental truck. In such a situation, a hand truck is the apt moving tool, as it can stack as the number of packed boxes on the tool and wheel it near the moving truck. Your boxes will be properly secured with the help of straps so that the boxes do not lose its balance at the time of rolling the equipment.
Furniture Dolly:

Are you thinking on how to shift that pricey piano at your new abode? Keep your worries at bay and rent a furniture dolly to move your piano with ease. By placing the piano over the furniture dolly, you can make the shifting of the piano in a convenient way. With the use of the moving tool, you can get relieved from the unwanted load and save time as well. Whether it is a piano or any hard and large items, you can load the desired object on the furniture dolly and move it smoothly. Usually, a furniture dolly comes with four wheels along with a large flat base which is designed to load large appliances such as television, piano, washing machine, dishwasher and so on.

Moving Blankets:

One of the well-known moving tools among the movers is the moving blanket which is also known as moving pad. It comes in sundry size, color and pattern to meet the specific requirement of customers. Some of your valuable objects can get damaged in the process of the move. The priceless screen of your television screen might get cracked. Some sharp edges might give scratch marks or puncture the leather couch. Any kitchen appliances might get ravaged due to mishandling. A well-designed large mirror might lose its shiny touch by stained marks. Protect your priceless and breakable items from getting damaged. Make use of moving blankets to shield your fragile items. Using bed sheet to wrap your breakable and soft objects is an age-old thing. Hire moving blankets from your respective mover to wrap the delicate objects. The moving pads are made up of thick material which helps protect your delicate items in a much better way. Now, you do not have to worry about your breakable items anymore. Give extra protection of thick and soft material of furniture pads on the objects you care for.

Moving Straps:

Usually, at the of lifting any of your the heavy items, you fear of getting your objects dropped. To iron out your fear, you can make use of the moving straps. The vital moving tool is designed to lift the furniture or any object which is large in size and heavy in weight. The moving straps have the capacity to bear weight up to 800 lbs. With the help of leverage, you can easily lift a heavy item without straining your back. 

Basic Tool Kit:

Along with other pivotal items, you must have a box which has a basic toolkit for an emergency purpose. Some basic tools which you can need at any time of your move such as the screwdriver, hammer, a pair of scissors, adjustable wrench, packing tapes, pliers, a set of the socket and so forth. In addition, you might need to use some key tools in order to assemble and disassemble some household and electronic appliances or to remove the hinges of cabinets and drawers. Keep the toolkit ready at hand at all times. 

Stave yourself off from unwanted injuries by holding up bulky objects. Get hold of moving accessories which aim to help your objects move with ease. The aforementioned moving tools play the indispensable role to make the loading and moving process successful. When you are all alone to make the shifting in a new location, you should bear in mind to make the move favorable for yourself. Take the convenient side by using the moving equipment to lessen your moving stress.

Nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, Wayanad bespeaks natural beauty in true colors. A green paradise, Wayanad forms the border world of the greener part of Kerala. Pristine and clean; hypnotizing and enchanting, the land of Wayanad is filled with culture and history. Think of Wayanad and the first few images that come to mind will be that of the undulating mountains covered with green canopy. True to our imaginations about this land, the district harbors rich flora and fauna, supported by the lofty ridges in the area intercepted with deep valleys and dense forests. The picturesque beauty and scenic vistas of Wayanad offer several opportunities for adventure tourism. If you are tired of routine rat race and looking for an ideal vacation getaway to retreat and relax, do not look further than Wayanad. This beautiful district welcomes you to explore vast stretches of mist-capped mountains, green meadows of valleys, white water springs, blue water lakes and a lot more to express the breathtaking beauty of Wayanad.
Located at a distance of 76 kms from sea shores of Kozhikode, this verdant hill station is full of plantations, forests and wildlife. Other than splendid natural beauty, perhaps what the visitor finds most endearing about this quaint little hill station is its large tribal population and their fascinating lifestyle.

Getting There

·         By Air - Kozhikode airport is located at a distance of about 25 km from the center of the city. Kozhikode is well connected by air to Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Goa, Madurai and Chennai.
·         By Rail - The Kozhikode railway station is located south of the Manachira Square. The city is well connected by train to important places like Mangalore, Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Coimbatore, Goa and Mumbai.
·         By Road - Kozhikode is well linked with various destinations in Kerala and beyond. National Highway 17 links Kozhikode with the rest of the cities in Kerala and neighboring states.

Wayanad At A Glance

·         Chembra Peak – Located near Meppadi in the southern part of Wayanad. It is the tallest peak in the region and many people visit this peak to test their physical prowess. Climbing this peak is an exhilarating experience as great expanses of Wayanad unfolds with each step. Reserve a day for this summit.

·         Neelimala – Another in the kitty, Neelimala is a trekker's delight offering multiple options for trekking routes. Once you reach the top, the sight is mesmerizing. Also, you can treat your eyes with the Meenmutty falls located nearby.

·         Chethalayam – Yet, another waterfall that attracts visitors to the magical land of Wayanad. This fall and the adjoining areas are ideal for locales for trekking and bird watching.

·         Bansura Sagar Dam - Reckoned as the largest Earth dam in India, it is located in the southwestern part of Wayanad.  Also, you can check adjoining Bansura Peaks for sighting and trekking.

Also explore the Muthunga Wild Life Sanctuary, Pakshipathalam, Lakkidi, Eddakal Cave, Kuruva Island, etc.

Things to Do At Wayanad

·         River Trails
·         Rainforest Trekking
·         Wildlife Safari
·         Camping
·         Heritage and Legend Trails
·         Spice Tours
·         Enjoying Monsoon in Wayanad

Best Time To Visit - The most suitable time to visit Wayanad is from September to April.

While you treat your soul with the captivating sights, sounds and fragrance of Wayanad, you may also shop for some specialties of Wayanad like spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal plants. Already feeling captivated! Do not waste any more minute. Start backpacking and spend an exhilarating vacation in the realms of Wayanad. Make memories with your loved ones, nowhere else but in Wayanad. Connect with nature like never before!

Has it been long enough since you last fed the adventure junkie in you with some soul-retreating destinations and venturesome activities? Incredibly rich in breathtaking topography and bio-diversity, India is a land of infinite offerings. This uniqueness of the regions make India a hub of innumerable activities! Whether you hate it or love it, but Summer is definitely one season, which opens up a lot of doors in our lives! One such door is the door of adventure activities that the high-spirited chunks are always in search of. So do not waste any more minute, put your shoes on, pack our bags and get ready to try your hands on some spine-chilling adventure sports activities. From trekking on some of the highest peaks in the world to enjoying desert safari sitting on a camel; kayaking in lagoons and secluded lakes to playing in the water in some of the most eye-riveting waterfalls; there is so much in store for you. Feeling excited already! Well, do not just browse the images; try your best feet to galore the place with your own eyes. Since, there is so much in your platter to choose from, pick an activity or two and beat the summer heat in the laps of nature.

Top adventure activities in India during Summers

1.    Paragliding at Bir-Billing

If birds have always fascinated you, then paragliding can be your cup of tea. Bir-Billing is the paragliding capital in India. This is one such activity that attracts countless adventure lovers and visitors to the lands of the Gods to come and experience the vast skies. Bir-Billing is a small village located in the upper reaches of Kangra district and is believed to be one of the most picturesque places in the state of Himachal Pradesh. With a strong desire to fly in the air, you can treat your soul with pristine views of lofty mountains, lush green meadows, and phenomenal valleys, while you are maneuvering in the sky. Get ready to behold a sight and memory for a lifetime, nowhere else but in Bir-Billing. Also, you can have a memorable camping experience around the valley. If summers are taking a toll on you, visit Bir-Billing this season and come back rejuvenated.

How To Reach Bir- Billing:

By Air – Closest airport is Gaggal Airport, Dharamshala.
By Rail – The closest railway station - Ahju is on the narrow gauge line starting from Pathankot. Also, can reach via Amritsar –Swarn Shatabdti to Jalandhar and thereafter a drive of 195 kms. Also, look for trains from Delhi to Chandigarh and thereafter a drive of 280 kms.
By Road – You can drive via:
·         Chandigarh – Ropar – Nangal – Una – Kangra – Palampur – Bajinath
·         Chandigarh – Kiratpur Saheb -  Bilaspur -  Mandi – Joginder Nagar -  Bir Road
·         Also, A.C. Volvo buses are available from ISBT, Delhi to Dharamshala and Bajinath.


2.    Scuba diving in Andaman – Havelock Islands

If you believed scuba diving and snorkeling happens in exotic locations, outside India only, do think again. The Andaman Islands are home to some of the world’s most fascinating marine life underwater. If swimming relaxes your mind and body, then gliding along with beautiful fishes in every color and size can certainly be your heat savior mantra. Dive deep in the crystal-clear waters of the Andamans to experience magnificent corals and exclusive marine offerings. Famous for white sand beaches, the Andaman Islands are perfect to spend quality time with your beloved to make some candid memories. Explore India away from India in the Andaman Islands. Havelock Island is believed to be the best spot for snorkeling and scuba. Discover the untouched beauty of these panoramic islands. There is nothing more retreating than water in the months of June and July. Set your feet in the Andamans this summer!

How To Reach Havelock Islands:

By Air – You can take a flight from Delhi to Port Blair. Next, you will need to take a connecting flight from Port Blair to Havelock Islands. It is a 20 minute flight in a seaplane operated by Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited. The services are usually available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
By Water – The best way to reach Havelock Islands is via air-conditioned ferry, which takes only 90 minutes from Port Blair.



3.    Rafting on the Ganges

Beyond a doubt, rafting is the most common adventure activity in India. Almost every adventure enthusiast kick starts by setting the foot in the waters of a swift rafting experience. Although, rafting happens in diverse parts of India, out of which Rishikesh is the most captivating one. From a bare minimum of 3 km rafting experience to an ultimate 32 km drive, you will be able to unleash the adrenaline rush inside you. Most popular amongst youngsters who live and breathe adventure, plan a trip to the heavenly abode of Rishikesh and show your love for water and adventure in the Ganges. Also, try cliff jumping and kayaking to double the fun. Make your summers extra special with rafting in the most expansive river in India.

How To Reach Rishikesh:

By Air – Jolly Grant is the nearest airport. Rishikesh is nearly 35 kms away from the airport.
By Rail – Haridwar is the nearest railway station. It is only 30 minutes journey from there. The Haridwar railway station is well-connected to various mega cities.
By Road – The best route is as follows:
Delhi – Meerut – Muzzafarnagar Bypass – Roorkee – Haridwar - Rishikesh

4.    Hot Air Balloon Rides in Jaipur

Hot air balloon rides are a general idea of fun at foreign locales, but having one in India is as amusing as it sounds. You can now enjoy breathtaking views beneath, soaring high in the sky above and smell freedom as you fly over splendid and marvelous landscapes. Known as one of the most vibrant cities in India, Jaipur is a perfect location to go on a hot air balloon ride and catch a bird’s eye view of the Pink City. The current weather conditions are perfect to go for a ride and glide smugly over the magnificent palaces and forts. If staying in your homes drenches your energy, then try your hand at a hot air balloon ride and feel the cool breeze above. Well, summer rides are most frequent to make your vacations extra special.

How To Reach Jaipur:

By Air – The Jaipur Airport is located in Sanganer, which is 12 kms away from the heart of the city.
By Train – Jaipur railway station is well-connected with some of the mega cities in the country. Also, with the advent of the Palace on Wheels, a luxury train, you can now enjoy the royalty of Jaipur even when you are on the move.
By Road – The Delhi-Jaipur National Highway offers a smooth ride of 260 kms with plenty of restaurants and amenities on the way. The road is well-connected by National Highways 8, 11 and 12.

5.    Trek at a Height of 12, 500 ft at Kedar Kantha

Situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, this is an ideal trekking spot, especially for beginners. The peaks ascend easily and gradually, while you can devour amazing experiences of nature’s wilderness throughout your journey. Laden with snow, the area’s natural beauty is complemented with quaint hamlets, lush green meadows and some terrific sights of the towering peaks of no other than the Himalayas. The summit starts from the Govind National Park, offering exotic flora and fauna throughout the trek. Also, add more element to your vacation with on-site camping. Go away from sweltering summer heat and feed the adventurer in you with glimpses of snow-covered mountain peaks. Also, walk through the most gorgeous cover of Pines, Maples and Phododendrons

How To Reach Kedar Kantha:

By Air – Jolly Grant in Dehradun is the nearest airport. From there, trekkers need to drive till Sankri and report at Kedar Kantha base camp.
By Rail – Dehradun railway station is well-connected to several mega cities. From the station, trekkers need to reach Sankari by road and later report at Kedar Kantha base camp.
By Road – The route is as follows:
Delhi – Dehradun – Mussorie -  Sankri – Juda Ka Talab – Kedar Kantha Base Camp – Kedar Kantha Peak

6.    Bike Riding in Leh

If rodeo is your style, and your love for bikes is infinite, then do not limit yourself to cities and towns. Explore mystical lands of Leh, Ladakh on your cherished belonging and ride on the world’s highest motorable roads in India. Embark on a journey with your sweetheart and unleash the explorer in you and mend roads to self-discovery. For such passionate bike riders, Leh seems to be the perfect match as it can offer such experience that practically has no match. Blessed with such mesmerizing beauty this region of Jammu & Kashmir state is a challenge that any crazy-adventurous bike rider would like to take. Not to miss, Ladakh is the land of beautiful lakes, high mountain passes, Buddhist monasteries and meandering roads that are mostly unpaved. Therefore, while planning a ride here, one is spoilt for choices and must-see destinations. While, on your way, you may also encounter snow-leopards and mountain goats, enjoying their summers. So, are you ready to take the plunge and spend your summers in the realms of Jammu & Kashmir? Well, if you are a biker at heart, then this is most splendid time to pay a visit to Leh and Ladakh, before the region freezes with ice.

How To Reach Ladakh:

By Bike – The approximate distance from Delhi to Leh is 1033 kms.
Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali – Tandi – Sarchu – Leh – Khardung La  -  Nubra Valley – Diskit – Hunder – Pangong Tso

Still figuring out how to beat the sweltering heat? Well, do not think further. With adventure and desire in your heart to unravel a mystical land this vacation, get ready to have an amazing summer this year. All the above mentioned activities have been listed down considering summer months (May to August) and have you come back revitalized and high in spirits.

Make reservations 

With monsoon picking up a faster pace, it is now time to revive your travel plans which you have shoved in your closet due to sweltering summer heat. Undoubtedly, monsoon holidays make the most exotic vacation itineraries and leave the tourists spellbound by the serenity and beauty of the place they visit. There are many wanderlust bitten travelers who long to enjoy the exquisite lush greens, feel the cool winds and get soaked in the frequent downpours. To add more to the list of monsoon offerings, you can treat your soul with winsome sights of hills and mountains carpeted with greenery, lakes overflowing with sparkling and crystal-clear waters, picturesque waterfalls  and adjacent sceneries and a lot more to make you fall in love with incredible India. If you are one of those who don’t mind getting a wee bit wet, then scroll further to plan your monsoon getaway this season. Lined up for you are some of the offbeat monsoon destinations which never fails to mesmerize its tourists.


Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu -  The Majestic Land

Known as the “princess of hill stations”, Koidaikanal never falls short of the pristine beauty spots and breathtaking views all over the place. One of the most visited monsoon getaways in the southern part of the India; it is a must-visit place for people who love water pouring down at any time of the day. Situated in the Palani hills of the Western Ghats, tourists come and enjoy their time along the enchanting waterfalls, serene lakes, alluring green covers and spectacular views of the Ghats and the hills. Also, you have meadows, long stretches of forests, wooden slopes, mighty rocks and creeks that gather tourist attraction remarkably. If you like to add some fun activity to your vacation, then you have arrangements for cycling, horse riding, boating, and even trekking along the man-made Kodai Lake, surrounded by rocks and trees. Savor the magic of the monsoons, not just in any anyplace, but here in Kodaikanal.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

By Air – The nearest airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai, about 120 kms away. Also, airports of Trichy and Coimbatore are 150 kms and 175 kms away, respectively. From the airport, one can avail a bus service to reach this mystic land. Regular bus services are available from the cities of Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Madurai and many more.

By Train - Many tourists take the rail route and get down at Kodai Road, which is about 100 kms away from the main town. From here, one can get a taxi.

By Road - Kodaikanal is easily accessible by road from Chennai (439 kms) and Bangalore (305 kms). It’s only about 3.5 hours away from Madurai.

Lahaul - Spiti, Himachal Pradesh – The Enigmatic Valley

Untouched by modern world, Lahaul-Spiti can be your next monsoon destination this year. Having the lush green valley of Lahaul on one side and the cold desert of Spiti on the other side, presents a curious mixture of nature’s bliss and happiness. Popularly named as Little Tibet, the place offers a unique blend of Buddhism and Hinduism with a vast range of spectacular monasteries and temples all over the valley. The beautiful monasteries command a visit along some unique shrines that speak of the customs and faith of this region. Although, one of the most sparsely populated areas in India, it is ideal for a  place to revitalize and invigorate oneself and find peace from the rattling city life. Well, there is so much in store for people who plan to visit this incredible place in Himachal Pradesh. Other than the awe-inspiring views be holding one’s attention, people love to explore the place with adventure activities such as skiing, yak safaris, exciting wildlife trails, trekking, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, bike rides, etc. From camping in wilderness near crystal-clear waters to enjoying a cozy home stay, you can experience it all, here in Lahaul-Spiti. Also, get glimpses of snow leopards, yaks and wild hares. Discover the rustic beauty of Lahaul and Spiti. The place is snow-laden for the major part of the year and is accessible only from July to mid-October, August being the best. 

How To Reach Lahaul-Spiti

By Air – Take a flight to Bhuntar airport and hire a taxi to cover a distance of 155 kms to reach Keylong.
By Rail – Jogindhernagar is the nearest railway station. Hire a taxi from the station to reach Lahaul-Spiti valley. Also, you can reach via Chandigarh and Shimla’s broad gauge rail lines.
By Road - State roadways and tourist buses ply between most important tourist destinations in Lahaul-Spiti. Also, people with a driving quest loves to drive all the way to the valley.


Kutch, Gujrat – Gorgeous White Sand Desert

Endowed an impression of being a distinctive land, Kutch is the largest district in India. Divided into two sub regions – Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch, this fine looking destination can be ideal for holidaying in India. The never-ending desert plains with surreal and mystifying horizons in the monsoon gives an enticing view. For the rest of the year, it’s a colossal stretch of white salt appearing to give the look of a white desert. The region has a total of 18 cultural tribes predominant in the district, which makes the place well-liked among travelers. During the full moon nights, it is a resplendent experience to be a part of the cultural program organized at Dhordo to celebrate Gujrat’s rich traditional culture and customs. Visiting here means transcending oneself altogether into a new world, where a wide ocean of salt surrounds and not-so-high Aravallis create an enthralling backdrop. Also, Kutch opens gateways to treasure the exquisite handicraft with melodious folk songs and foot-tapping folk dance. If you haven’t thought about visiting this beautiful destination in India yet, it is time that you should. Do not forget to enjoy the camel ride under a crescent-lit moon and witness the mélange of nature and religion at Narayan Sarovar.

How To Reach Kutch

By Air – Bhuj is the nearest airport and the administrative city of Kutch. Flights from major parts of India land here. One can hire a taxi to reach Kutch directly.
By Rail – Rail route is very convenient, affordable and comfortable to travel all the way to Kutch. Rail connectivity is quite good between Bhuj and major cities in India.
By Road – Travelling to Kutch by road is considered as a fascinating experience. The city of Bhuj is well-connected to Highway No.8 with all the neighboring cities.

Pondicherry – Youngest Travel Destination in India

Pondicherry is a seaside city and is best to be visited during the monsoon months. From the hues of the French colonial establishments to the spiritual aura radiating within the ancient Hindu Temples and old churches, from the tranquility of virgin beaches to the concoction of a unique cosmopolitan flair, Pondicherry is one the busiest tourist destinations for domestic and inbound travelers. Auroville, the city of dawn and Botanical Garden surely makes it to the list of must-see places in Pondicherry. This Union Territory enlivens the beautiful hangover, not from the French wine, but from a French past. Lying in Tamil Nadu along the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, it is one of the best places to enjoy the monsoons in India. Here, in Pondicherry you can relish the joy of visiting sun kissed beaches inviting you to romantic getaways with your loved ones. Don’t think further. Spend a rejuvenating holiday in the ideal resorts and get pampered with soothing Ayurvdic massage amid the tranquil ambiance. So, if you are coming to Pondicherry, plan a long vacation to visit this place.

How To Reach Pondicherry

By Air – The nearest airport is Chennai International airport, located at a distance of 135 kms away from Pondicherry.

By Rail – Vilupuram rail head is the nearest railway station to Pondicherry. This station is well-linked to Trichy, Madurai and Chennai.
By Road – Pondicherry is well-connected with major cities in India.


Lonavala, Maharashtra – Adorned with Lush Green Foggy Hills

A neighborhood of Mumbai, it is the most visited tourist spots of the Mumbaikars. Famous for weekend getaways, it is just a 3 hours drive from the bustling city of Mumbai. The city smiles with frequent rain showers and is at its best during the monsoon season. Smitten with lush green greenery and majestic waterfalls, you can truly feel the elegance of this twin hill station, lying between Mumbai and Pune. Every year, the peaks of Lonavala get flourished with green cover during the monsoon season. It is the best time of the year to visit this picturesque place as each sight here is as delightful and fresh as the season’s first rain. Here, in Lonavala there is an old temple dedicated to Shiva. Another hot spot is Valvan Dam, which has a garden at its foot. For people who love waterfalls, Tiger’s Leap is ideal for them. This leap is active only during the monsoons. So, you know why it is best to visit this place in the month of August.

How To Reach Lonavala

By Air – The nearest airport is Pune, 66 kms away. Also, one can avail Mumbai Airport services.
By Rail – From Mumbai, get down at Lonavala station around 2.5 hours away.
By Road – Mumbai-Pune Expressway to Lonavala offers an exciting drive. Also, excellent bus facility is available to Lonavala.


Coorg,  Karnataka -  Scotland of India

Coorg, a popular hill station located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka is widely known as the Scotland of India, owing to its picturesque hilly setting. The place offers a plethora of breathtaking views and panoramic vistas. During the monsoon season, especially in July and August, the entire town transforms into a lush green paradise. The weather becomes quite pleasant and cool because of the heavy rains. August is the best time to visit the splendor of the seasonal waterfalls of Coorg. For the adventure sports enthusiasts, it’s the perfect time to indulge in sports like river rafting, boating and fishing. Also, people love to indulge in local sight-seeing and walking through the Nagarhole National Park for its high-end offerings. Also, there are several peaks, here in Coorg for people who want to add on to their list of camping sites and trekking activities. August is around, make plans to visit Coorg this year.

How To Reach Coorg

By Air - Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport, about 160 kms away.
By Rail – The nearest railway station is Mysore, which is 95 kms away.
By Road – The journey to Coorg is itself an experience. The journey from Bangalore to Coorg is a smooth ride that takes about four and a half hours.

Have you already set your mood for this year’s monsoon destination delight? If not, hurry up. Feel the rain, experience the cool breeze and savor the magic of monsoons in Indian sub-continent. Start your travel itineraries and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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